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Audio sync issues on Roku TV 
Autorius Žinutė

Užsiregistravo: 27 Sau 2018, 14:35
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There is no support for the audio sync issues on the YouTube app for Roku. The issue of my audio being out of sync both through my sound bar and the TV's speakers only happens on my TCL Roku TV, not the PS3 hooked up to it or my Samsung TV in the other room. The issue also only occurs on the YouTube app, all other apps the audio is fine. I have contacted Roku about this issue as well, but none of the articles I am finding on either site are helping resolve the issue. I'm sure it's probably a firmware issue with the Roku TV as it was recently updated and I've found older post saying audio sync issues have happened before, but the workarounds are not resolving my issue. I've already tried removing my sound bar, adjusting the audio settings on the TV, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and hard booting the TV, nothing works. Any help is appreciated.

Please help.

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14 Bal 2018, 15:53
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