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Nadir photography issue with verticals 
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Užsiregistravo: 24 Spa 2017, 07:15
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Where I have a completely flat surface, I've usually pointed the camera down about 45 degrees and pulled the tripod back about 3/4 feet. I get an angled downward shot which PTGui handles very well with it's "viewpoint correction".

Sometimes I mistakenly get a foot or tripod leg in a shot or dont drag the tripod back far enough but they're fixable with some photoshopping and masking

So the above method is one I read about most on these forums and works pretty well.

However, I was on a shoot recently where the angled nadir shot didn't work at all due to the nadit image containing the backs of a number of chairs and some steps.

Ideally this shot should have been taken pointing down at -90 degrees at the exact original spot as the other images. Unfortunatlely, that wasn't possible.

Any tips for this scenario?

Please help.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References ... -verticals

3D animated videos

17 Lap 2017, 16:34
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