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Does Canon 80d have focus issue like Canon 70d? 
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I own a Canon 70d and I am quite upset with Canon for it. As I miss focus with all the fast lenses. It misses the focus by very slight. It's not noticable for an untrained eye but an expert can easily notice it. I have used it with Canon 70-200 f2.8 non is lens as well as 70-200 is Us ll and even with 85 f1.8 as well as the 50 f1.4. I have sent the camera to the service center 3 times and they say its working fine. And I am quite depressed by their work.

it only misses the focus in Photographs shoot from the viewfinder but all the photos taken in live view is crisp and clear. I know this camera had this issue and I guess I have a bad copy.

And now I have finally decided to sell my 70d and go for the 80d with is a far better camera in terms of photos and videos. So I want to know any Canon 80d users here who can help me with this issue.

And if the 80d too misses focus then any camera in the Canon line up which does not misses focus. As I remember my old Canon 600d was quite good at focusing and didn't miss focus.

Please help.


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25 Lap 2017, 13:26
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